Philly Give & Get – Photography for Charity

Woman with multi-colored hair helps out with pet adoptions.

Lansie leads a talented group of individuals who founded the charity “Philly Give & Get” in Philadelphia. This charity organizes events where master classes with local experts are auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting local causes or institutions. I participated in an event that supported the Scribe Video Center in West Philadelphia.

The event took place on a rainy evening at Johnny’s, where we packed the venue with enthusiastic attendees. The atmosphere was lively, with a well stocked bar, a stage for presentations, a stylish photo booth and a diverse group of attendees who welcomed me warmly despite my overly formal attire.

During the auction, I was paired with Kyle for a photography master class. The winning bidder would have the opportunity to learn from both of us. Kyle brought humor and creativity to our collaboration and we made an entertaining entrance onto the stage together. I set up extra lights while he confidently strutted towards me amidst cheers from the audience.
It was both scary and funny, but I believe we managed it quite well.

Having said that, we made a successful sale at a high price, the second highest bid of the night to be precise. Quite flattering. Nick bought our item for his girlfriend for a significant sum of money.

I organized a complete photo shoot where we discussed location scouting, lighting techniques, camera equipment and even post production work. (Big shoutout to my lovely friend for modeling for us).

Check out some of the photos we captured of Sarah on that day. If you think you have a talent or concept to offer at Philly Give & Get’s auction, get in touch with Lansie! She’s really cool and has a great sense of humor. I’d even entrust her with my kids—if I had any.

Blonde woman volunteers at animal shelter, holding a cat.