Photographer Nate.

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my humble website and browsing through my portfolio!

I work as a creative portrait photographer catering to clients in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C., with the flexibility to travel globally! I capture moments of movement and stillness alike.

Photography has been my passion since childhood, starting at the young age of twelve. Teaching photography worldwide has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Creativity runs deep in my veins.

Describing my photography style is tricky – I simply enjoy capturing captivating images. If you’re looking for unique and cool photos, look no further – I’m your photographer.

Let me share a bit about myself and offer you some interesting tidbits about who I am.

I’m the second eldest among eight siblings. I have a penchant for being uniquely different. While baggy pants were trendy, I opted for biker shorts instead. Music holds a special place in my heart; defining what makes music “great” is something I enjoy doing. Timekeeping isn’t done with a watch – I prefer setting my own schedule.

At the age of 14, I launched my very first online business venture. Some might say that being humble is one of my best qualities.  Maybe there’s some connection there? Whatever task comes my way, you can count on me to give it my all and then some extra effort too! 

I have a deep passion for baseball. Merely feeling ecstatic doesn’t suffice for me, I strive for pure elation. My memory tends to slip like that of an elderly individual. Communication comes naturally to me and I tend to be quite talkative. Despite that, I make an effort to listen attentively as well. On one occasion, I managed to amuse a weeping willow tree until it chuckled. When it comes to photo shoots, I prefer them to be precise and flawless.

Religion holds a significant place in my life; having been brought up in the Reformed Presbyterian faith has shaped me profoundly.

My goal is to produce exceptional images that captivate you. Crafting extraordinary visual content brings me immense joy. If you seek remarkable images and an unparalleled experience, your search ends here – you’ve found your ideal photographer.