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Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Philadelphia – 2011 Photography

May 24th, 2011

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival – 2011 Photography

Steppin’ Out

Hey everyone! I’m always up for new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. When an opportunity to photograph the fashion show at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival came up, I jumped at it and made time in my schedule to go shooting for a couple hours.

Rittenhouse Fashion

The annual Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival in Philadelphia includes fashion shows, live music and plenty of concessions and activities for all ages. Attracting between 50,000-100,000 people from all across the tri-state area it is one of Philly’s most popular festivals.

This was my first time attending the festival. I was invited to check out the fashion show by a model who I had photographed a week or so earlier, so, of course, I obliged. Finding parking was no more difficult than it typically is in and around Center City Philadelphia. I parked a few blocks away, grabbed my camera and walked a few blocks to the corner of Walnut & 15th streets where the fashion show was located, all the while tucking, ducking and dodging between the people who packed the streets and sidewalks.

Rittenhouse Love

The Rittenhouse District of Philadelphia is both beautiful and historic, it’s one of my absolute favorites areas of Philly. I approached the fashion show with modest goals, that way if I got nothing but rubish I would still be satisfied. It seems the more you expect from a shoot the less it delivers, and the less you expect the more it delivers. Whether this is simply a relative thing, your mind playing with you, or what, I don’t know, but if I set my bar low enough, I always exceed my expectations (It’s a good trick, you should try it sometime) .

Philadelphia Fashion Scene

One of the coolest things about this fashion show was that it consisted of styles and clothing from the clothing shops right there in Rittenhouse Row. These styles are designed, created, manufactured, and sold right there local in Philly, by Philly. Because these styles are all being sold in the small clothing shops there wasn’t really any conceptual fashion; not in any of the shows that I photographed at least.

Cloudy = Great Photos, Below 90F = Not too much sweat

The weather was amazing, maybe a touch too sunny for great outdoor photos, but there were moments throughout the afternoon where the clouds covered the sun and gave some gorgeous diffused light. I shot everything wide open at F2.8 and hovered between 125th and 400th of a second on my shutter with the ISO moving between 100 and 400 depending on what I saw in the camera. All the photos are shot on a 70-200mm lens, I was right in front of the runway (in hind sight my 24-70 may have been better suited for this type of gig). Minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom and some subtle tweaks in Photoshop and I got a few nice photographs. Getting it right in the camera saves a ton of time later.


Thanks for the tip to come out and shoot, Kira!


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